Welcome to RATS!

Not another infected PC or BotNet sending me spam... Well, maybe if you blocked the RATS at the SMTP level of your server, this would not be a problem. We have several lists of IP Addresses that have all the indicators of being RATS, and you can use them just like any of your favourite RBLs.

Other AntiSpam Tools

MIPSpace - MIPSpace is a list of IP Addresses associated with known commercial marketing companies.

Dynamic Regex - Dynamic Regular Expression Testing is part of our suite of tools, used to identify address spaces that are not meant to be mail servers.

BLACKLIST Alerts - Be proactive and Signup with DNSstuff's RBLalerts. IP monitoring delivered to your desktop 24/7/365.


RATS-Dyna - Probable PC or home connection infected with a Trojan, Bot, or Emailer Program


RATS-NoPtr - An IP Address which has no reverse DNS, and probably the home of a SpamBot


RATS-Spam - An IP Address that has been shown to be abusive (Use at your own risk)