SpamRATS first became a public RBL back in 2007, and we never expected how successful it would become. Since then, we have spent countless man hours, time, and money to develop this reputation list and its data and distribution. For more detailed information of the Free Use Conditions, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Please remember that you will NOT be able to use public DNS servers to query our data. You will need your own DNS servers in place that clearly identifies who is making the query before we can allow you access to the SpamRATS DNSBL Public Mirrors.

Subscription Details

First of all, this doesn't apply to everyone. We are committed to sharing and helping make the world a better place. We do suggest that you let us know if you will be performing high volume queries, and please acknowledge where the queries will be coming from.

Access to SpamRATS DNSBL Public Mirrors is typically free for small mail servers of less than 5000 mailboxes and having a volume of less than 40,000 queries a day.

We give special consideration for the following types of organizations, please contact us for more information.

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Universities
  • Special Research Projects

If you REALLY want to support this effort you are always welcome to contribute or donate to the project. You might also want to subscribe for your own private mirror of our data. However, if you are a large scale ISP or you are selling or providing spam protection as part of a commercial offering, you should be contributing to this effort and helping pay the expenses of gathering this data for you. Under NO circumstance should you be claiming this data as yours, without the express permission of SpamRATS.

Subscription Fees

For high volume providers with over 5000 mailboxes, our base price is $0.10 USD per mailbox per year, or $0.025 USD per quarter. The SpamRATS DNSBL Public Mirrors also has a free query limit of ~40,000 daily queries. We provide subscriptions to our data feed starting at $500 USD per year.

However, if you are a spam protection or security company and you are making money from providing the protection offered by SpamRATS we ask that you enter into a data licensing agreement. Please contact us for the pricing details for your business model.

Subscription Contact

Use this form ONLY for subscription requests or to let us know that you are querying our data, all other requests should use our normal Contact form. We can only respond during normal business hours between Monday - Friday, Pacific Standard Time.

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Partnering and Business Development

We normally will respond to your request within one (1) business day. And we are always open to working with other parties so if you have a special request for a business or partnership relationship, please provide a full description in order for us to direct it to the correct internal party.

Many thanks to our Sponsors, Subscription Holders, Users and Contributors.